Side Sewer, Drain & Waterline Repair Services in Seattle, Washington

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We specialize in side sewer, waterline, and drain repairs, cleaning, and maintenance.

Clogs in multiple drains, recurring plumbing backups, strange smells, insect infestations, wet lawns, and standing water can all indicate a problem with your home's side sewer and drainage system. Shifting soil, corrosion, and invasive tree roots can cause older, deteriorated pipes to crack, break, or collapse.

Our professional technicians have the expertise to assess your problem quickly, rooter out blockages with cable or hydro-jet equipment, perform high-resolution camera inspections, and provide trenchless pipe repairs or traditional excavation of your sewer lines.

We offer free estimates and second opinions and pride ourselves on providing fast service, honest advice, and competitive pricing. Feel free to read reviews from our many satisfied customers.

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Got a clog you can't handle, call McDaniel.


24/7 Emergency Service

If you have clog in your sink, shower, or toilet that cannot wait until the morning to address, make us your first phone call. We’re available 24/7 to get the water and sewage flowing in the right direction.

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service you can depend on

We are a local, family owned operation that is both small so you’ll always be within one phone call of Anthony, and sophisticated to make sure your job has the exact expertise, technology, and equipment to meet your expectations and get the job done the first time.

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Quality Control you can trust 

Each city in Seattle Metro operates by different codes and regulations. We’ve understand the differences inside and out, and have built a strong relationship and track record with local inspectors. They often call us to fix work they inspect that doesn’t meet their standards. Skip this drama and hire us first.


Light To No Touch To Your Landscaping

We’ve invested in state of the art technology and equipment that allows us to repair or replace your sewer or water lines without digging up your beautiful lawn and flower gardens. Trenchless sewer and water line repairs are just one of the many commercial capabilities we bring to residential customers.