Full-Scale Plumbing Services by McDaniel Sewer and Drain

Maintenance is a huge part of ensuring your plumbing system is in check, and there are no unwelcome surprises. At McDaniel Sewer and Drain, we are here to help with plumbing maintenance and camera inspections and repairs and replacements. Here is what we can do for our residential and commercial customers all around Edmonds, WA.

Main Line Cleaning

Our team can handle a full range of main line services, including cleaning sewer blockages, dealing with corrosion, and repairing broken pipes. We will keep your main line fully functional and fix any problems quickly to reduce stress and costs. Contact us as soon as you spot troubling signs, such as pooling water, slow drains, and foul odor.

Kitchen And Bathroom Drains

It's impossible to avoid hair, soap, fat, grease, and detergents from building up in the trap and drainpipe, but it is possible to prevent clogs. The solution is regular drain cleaning performed by a skilled professional.

Camera inspections

In the case of clogged sewers or drains, before taking any action, it's essential to insert a special high-tech camera to inspect the pipes and find the source of the problem. We perform camera inspections for sewers and drains.

Main Line Cleaning

Many warning signs are pointing to problems with your sewer system. If there are leaking joints, pipe corrosion or deterioration, or a section of the pipe that has sunk lower/into the ground, you need to seek professional sewer repair. Broken, cracked, collapsed, or misaligned pipes also are a sure sign you need to call the pros. Sewer cleaning isn’t always enough to keep things operational.

For timely and budget-friendly main line cleaning and other professional plumbing services in Edmonds, WA, you can rely on no other than McDaniel Sewer and Drain. We have you covered!

Hydro Jetting

Professional hydro jetting aims to provide efficient sewer cleaning to prevent pipe damage and remove severe clogs. It's also used on industrial pipes to keep them clean and clog-free.